Postponed / Springtime Plant Nerd Walk through the Botanic Garden – April

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Urban Jungle Budapest is proud to present its popular Budapest Botanic Garden walking tour for the first time in English.




It is always fun to spend time in botanic gardens, and the experience is even better when you have a professional tour guide. In March and April, Urban Jungle Budapest blogger, Viktor, guides us through the greenhouses, which are home to many plants known to us from our homes.
What are we going to talk about?
🌱 What happens in botanic gardens?
🌱 The history of the Budapest Botanic Garden
🌱 The natural habitat and care requirements of our favorite house plants
🌱Plant tips, tricks and curiosities
When? 26. April, 2020, 2 pm. to 4 pm
Where? ELTE Botanical Garden I 1083 Budapest, Illés street 85.
What is included?
➕ Entry to the Budapest Botanic Garden
➕ 2-hour guided walking tour
➕Participants are free to stay inside the garden after the tour
If you would like to buy a ticket as a gift, it can be sent to you in pdf format via email and in printed form through the post. Postage is free within Hungary.
Due to the small group sizes, we can only guarantee a place for you after payment.